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Friday, December 15, 2017

#59 Reason for the Season

It's as little hard to see in the picture, but it says "Remember the Reason for the Season" with Christmas Tree.
Has not been placed yet...

Thursday, November 30, 2017

#57 and #58 Let it Snow and Be Merry

These were made in November 2017.
Let it Snow was originally placed at the Hilton in NYC when we were there for my daughter's performance at Carnegie Hall in Feb 2018.
Be Merry - I believe is in one of my Christmas boxes somewhere?  I'll have to find it before I can place it.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Rocks #54 Hope, #55 Patience, and #56 Charity

 I had these ones base coated for quite some time and then I used Gel Pens to write and decorate them. GJ Rocks & Art Treasures Abandonment #GJRATA

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Rock #53 Home is Where You Hang Your Hat

 I first did this rock in a pastel green and then layered different colors of green to make the background.  I drew the witches hat with a glitter gel pen and then wrote the saying "Home is where you hang your hat" GJ Rocks & Art Treasures Abandonment on Facebook #GJRATA I originally abandoned it at Empty Bowls fundraiser for the soup kitchen.

Rock #52 Live the Dream

I originally painted this rock blue and then added the pink in layers over the top, so the blue shows through some in spots.  I then used sharpie to make the silhouette design.  I added white windows and stars and then wrote Live the Dream! GJ Rocks & Art Treasures Abandonment  on Facebook #GJRATA
This was originally abandoned in the GJHS Library.  Someone found it and gave it to Mrs Middlemas.  She may hide it somewhere else, we will see...
5/18 - At the end of the school year I swiped it back.  My daughter wants to keep it for now.  She is going to keep it in her "Live Corner" in her dorm at college. She may set it free at a later date.

Rock #51 Flowering Flower

I got this idea from Pinterest.  I think it turned out really good on the black background. GJ Rocks & Art Treasures Abandonment #GJRATA
This was originally placed at St Mary's Clinic.  I found a rock (below) as I was going to place this one, so I placed my rock and took the rock that was there and placed it somewhere else at the Clinic.

Rock #50 Live Love Laugh

 I really like the natural look of this rock, so I sealed it and then added the Live. Love. Laugh. and the flowers.  GJ Rocks & Art Treasures Abandonment on FB #GJRATA
This was originally abandoned at Red Lobster near a tree in the parking lot.