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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Rock #53 Home is Where You Hang Your Hat

 I first did this rock in a pastel green and then layered different colors of green to make the background.  I drew the witches hat with a glitter gel pen and then wrote the saying "Home is where you hang your hat" GJ Rocks & Art Treasures Abandonment on Facebook #GJRATA I originally abandoned it at Empty Bowls fundraiser for the soup kitchen.

Rock #52 Live the Dream

I originally painted this rock blue and then added the pink in layers over the top, so the blue shows through some in spots.  I then used sharpie to make the silhouette design.  I added white windows and stars and then wrote Live the Dream! GJ Rocks & Art Treasures Abandonment  on Facebook #GJRATA

Rock #51 Flowering Flower

I got this idea from Pinterest.  I think it turned out really good on the black background. GJ Rocks & Art Treasures Abandonment #GJRATA

Rock #50 Live Love Laugh

 I really like the natural look of this rock, so I sealed it and then added the Live. Love. Laugh. and the flowers.  GJ Rocks & Art Treasures Abandonment on FB #GJRATA

Friday, October 6, 2017

Rock #49 Fingerprints

I really like this quote, so I came up with a rock to go with it.  The quote says, "When you can't see God's hands, look for His fingerprints!" I then stamped my fingerprint on it. GJ Rocks & Art Treasures Abandonment #GJRATA

Rock #48 Sunshine Smiles

This one started with the yellow basecoat.  I then painted the Smiley Sunshine.  I added the words "Smile It's a beautiful day!" GJ Rocks & Art Treasures Abandonment #GJRATA

Rock #47 Pumpkin

This rock was sealed as the natural rock.  I then painted a pumkin on it.  GJ Rocks & Art Treasures Abandonment #GJRATA